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AKABA Ltd. Design Co. ® is founded on years of research, community development work and creative collaboration between industry professionals, aspiring social entrepreneurs and designers from all over the world. We take pride in the quality of our products and the social impact that we provide for our weaving communities and manufacturing partners, made possible through our shared vision of a world-class Filipino brand, with cultural heritage at its very core. Get to know the minds, hands and personalities that form #TeamAKABA.

Talents are always welcome in our ever-growing team. Thinking of growing a career with us? Want to know more about what we do? Looking for an amazing internship experience? Let us know at info[at]akaba.co,. You just might be #TeamAKABA's newest addition!


Co-Founder and Creative Director [email protected]

An International Studies graduate with an extensive background in brand and retail management, and, mass media communications, EJ has helped incubate and launch numerous startup commercial and social enterprises in the Philippines, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Co-Founder & Social Enterprise Director [email protected]

For over five years, Daniel has conducted numerous case studies and researches about social enterprises and its different models in Southeast Asia, published by foreign and international research hubs and universities. He recently retired from public service after completing his Masters degree in Public Management to further develop AKABA’s social development plans.

Co-Founder & Content Manager [email protected]

As one of the original co-founders, Kristine played a crucial role in the development and implementation of women empowerment modules as well as initial product and brand conceptualisation. Currently, despite a promising career in government service and law, she promotes a significant amount of her time to formulate strategies and regulate written and visual content for AKABA.

Business Development Manager [email protected]

After returning from the United States after 18 years, Alex pursued and completed his tertiary education in the Philippines. Since then, he has enjoyed a brief but impactful and successful corporate career in one of the world’s largest multinational corporations.



Jonathan has more than a decade of entrepreneurial experience having founded and co-founded four startups in the United States. He is currently the Executive Director of Lien Centre for Social Innovation at the Singapore Management University. He earned his university degrees from UC Berkeley, Stanford, and Harvard. More recently, Jonathan gave a TEDx talk at Harvard about the importance of a mission-driven life, and was featured by Voice of America.


Arne has over ten years of investment experience in growth companies across Europe and Asia. After graduating from Stanford Graduate School of Business, he founded “amalan international.” amalan is a for-profit social venture that guides consumers in the ASEAN region through the process of settling bank loans that they can no longer afford.


Social Enterprise Director, GKonomics

A former US-based and UCLA-educated lawyer, Rose subsequently retired from the profession to dedicate her time and resources to work for Gawad Kalinga, an international NGO that provides housing to indigent Filipino families. She is considered as one of the pioneers of social entrepreneurship in the Philippines through her social enterprise acceleration and incubation program.


Business Development Associate and Contributor

ChooseSocial.PH and Cambio.Market, co-founded by Gelaine, are initiatives aimed to introduce the many products of social enterprises in the Philippines to North American territories. She has served as AKABA’s brand ambassador in Canada promoting brand awareness in various talks and lectures, and, as a contributing writer to our online journal.

Business Development Associate and Contributor

An IT professional, Jérôme co-founded ChooseSocial.PH and Cambio.Market to serve as a global resource and digital market platform for Filipino social enterprises. He actively engages in youth-oriented forums to promote AKABA’s mission and vision in Canada and the United States.