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    Products manufactured by AKABA ® utilise a diverse mix of raw materials for optimal functionality. It is important for you to take proper care of each component to prolong product life. A care card is included in each product, highlighting general use instructions and the usage limitations of each item. Kindly refer to these cards for information on specialised care and use.

    Each customer must adhere to the highlighted regulations to be fully covered by our Shipping & Returns Policy and Limited Warranty Policy.

    Leather Care

    Our curated selection of traditional equestrian-toned leather is manufactured in the Philippines. It is not advisable to expose leather components to moist environments as it may lead to the deterioration of the material. If exposed to water, air-dry and do not apply direct heat. It is normal for white bloom to occur over time. This does not affect the quality and performance of the leather, and may be removed by carefully brushing the surface with a dry cloth. Continued use may lead to the loss of oils from leather components. Should this occur, sparingly polish with natural, colourless oils.

    Handwoven Material

    The tedious nature of hand and loomweaving may lead to minor imperfections. AKABA ® ensures its minimal occurence by promoting fair and equitable trade with its various community partners. All textiles are woven using 100% polyester thread for maximum weaving efficiency and minimal waste. Clean with a soft bristle brush, dampened with a diluted fabric detergent solution. Brush lightly, and air dry.

    Cotton Canvas

    Cotton is highly absorbent of moisture. Should your item be exposed to water, immediately air-dry and do not directly expose to heat. AKABA ® strongly discourages machine washing of each product.

    Ballistic Nylon

    Products made with ballistic nylon is chemically treated to repel water, dirt and stains. Clean with mild detergent solution and water using a thin-bristled brush. Do not saturate fabric with high concentrations of detergent.

    Metal Parts

    Our products are accented with rust-proof, non-toxic pieces made of zinc alloy. Avoid strong, direct impact to minimise scratches and deformities on metal parts. Avoiding direct exposure to moisture may completely remove the minimal chances of discolouration due to continued use.