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    We understand that online shopping may be a challenging experience because of the many questions customers may have before making an informed purchase. We've put together frequently asked questions to make a more pleasant experience for you.

    Should you have further questions, you can write to us at info@akaba.co. We'll be more than happy to assist you further. Effective May 8, 2020, we will no longer be responding to DM inquiries that are answerable by reading this FAQ due to reduced manpower and streamlined internal processes due to the CoVid situation.

    How will community quarantine due to the CoVid situation affect my order?

    All orders placed from March 12, 2020, until such time community quarantine will be lifted will be shipped within 15 calendar days after the status has been lifted, and our company returns to full operational capacity. In the unlikely event that your order will be available for shipment sooner, our team will get in touch.

    How will community quarantine due to the CoVid situation affect my pre-order?

    The delivery date of pre-ordered items will be adjusted based on the extension of enhanced community quarantine to the corresponding number of days from the original scheduled lifting date. For example, items for pre-order on April 30 will be moved to May 30 due to two instances of 15-day extensions of enhanced community quarantine.

    Can I request for a refund?

    Pre-paid orders are covered by the "change of mind" clause of our Returns, Refunds and Exchanges Policy. Each request is evaluated on a case-to-case basis, and will only be processed within 60 days of the lifting of enhanced community quarantine.

    Why can't you ship the items now? Other companies are doing it.

    Our bags are classified as non-essential goods. Company policy dictates the strict adherence to industry classification and quarantine rules. We value our employee safety just as much as we value your satisfaction. We hope that reason, obedience to the law, and logic will prevail at this time.

    Is this available?

    If it's not in the online store, then it's not available.

    How much is this item / HM?

    The prices are listed on the website.

    What is a pre-order? How can I pre-order?

    Pre-order items are items that will be produced and ready by the stated date. To pre-order an item, visit our website.

    Can I place a special order for an item that I really want but is not available?

    We are not accepting special orders at this time. However, we are taking bulk orders, with a minimum quantity of 50 pcs. per SKU.

    Will you respond to my DM on social media?

    Due to the high volume of inquiries that we receive, we will only be responding to inquiries that are not covered by this FAQ.

    Can I change or cancel my order?

    ALL order change requests from orders placed BETWEEN MARCH 15 TO MAY 8, 2020 should be sent to info@akaba.co. Social media DM requests for order changes will not be honoured. You can change or cancel your order by emailing your transaction details to us, including the changes you would like to be reflected to your order.

    STARTING MAY 8, 2020, all orders placed between May 8, 2020 onwards, MAY NOT BE CHANGED. Should you wish to change your ordered item, you must request for order cancellation and PLACE A NEW ORDER.

    What are the dimensions of this item?

    Product listings on our website contain the dimensions, features, material components, and information regarding the handwoven fabric used. For a more detailed description, visit the individual listings of our products.

    Does it have a laptop compartment? Can it fit my device?

    The Camino and Alumno Knapsacks, Camino and Alumno dos Backpacks, Cuadro and Sencillo backpacks feature a lightly padded laptop compartment and a garter to fasten your device. It can fit devices with 13 inch screens, and it is not advisable for you to drop your bags if a laptop is inside the compartment. If the item you want to purchase does not contain a laptop compartment, you can opt to secure your device with a laptop sleeve before storing it in your bag.

    When will you restock this item? When will this item be available?

    Restocking and replenishing items is quite challenging due to the tedious and unpredictable nature of handweaving. We highly encourage customers to monitor our website and social media pages to purchase the items they would like at the soonest possible time. It takes us a minimum of six (6) months to a maximum of one (1) year to restock a particular item.

    Do you have a physical store?

    Yes we do! In fact, we have quite a number of stores. You can view our list of branches HERE.

    Do you accept credit and debit card payments?

    You can pay for your purchase using your debit or credit card, through PayPal's Express Checkout system. You don't need to make an account!

    What are your other payment methods?

    We accept BPI Express Online transfers, and mobile payments through the G-Cash system, and Cash-On-Delivery.

    How do you ship the items and can I track the progress?

    Once the item is picked up from our warehouse, you will receive an SMS notification regarding the target delivery date. A reminder will be sent on the day of delivery as well. In addition, our team will provide you with a tracking number, for you to be able to monitor the progress of the shipment at your convenience.

    What's the difference between standard shipping COD and express COD?

    Standard shipping cash-on-delivery uses the services of our provider, XPost, which takes between 3 to 5 business days upon pick-up from our dispatching unit. Express COD is only available in Metro Manila, and made through third-party applications such as Grab and Lalamove which provides real-time tracking.

    When will I receive my order?

    Orders are shipped within 6 to 10 business days of placing an order. You can refer to our Shipping & Returns Policy for more information.